An Elements Wedding

From hand-in-hand in the park, to arm-in-arm down the aisle love is a journey, which, for a lucky few, joins two hearts, minds and souls.  Be it small and simple, or luxuriously grand, the celebration of your wedding marks another portion of love's journey.  Let Elements provide details, styling and a sensory experience for you and your guests. 

Brooke & David, Longmeadow Country Club

Planning, Design, Installation

Whether your ideas are crystal clear or close to non-existent, our skills in design, creativity and implementation experience will make the dimensional aesthetics of your wedding come to life.  Our most popular offerings include:

  • Exquisite floral styling using stunning collections of superior quality flowers and accents that surprise even the most jaded of wedding attendees,
  • A vast selection of vases and candleware available as rentals or for purchase,
  • A timelessly classic collection Belgian linen napkins, runners and table drapes, select from stock or choose a fabric for customization,
  • Textile designs for tents or other venues,
  • Floral draping, canopies, garlands for tents, ballrooms or other venues,
  • GLOW our lighting product which features candles, torches, uplighting and vintage bistro lighting

Garden style white and pale yellow, wrapped in birch bark

The Perfect Bouquet

The Bride and her attendants' bouquets are designed to capture the very essence of that moment as they all gather at the altar.  Whether it is a French styled bouquet of a single type of flower or a glorious assortment of her many favorites our Brides relish every moment of their bouquets.  Special attention is paid to their gowns, proportion and freshness above all.

Peonies with blueberry and laurel, The Florence Griswold Museum


Your dining settings are where your guests begin to live your floral dream - up close and personal.  r gowns, proportion and freshness above all.

Piper, Matt & Peonies, The Ocean House

A Dreamy Ceremony

No amount of planning, preparation or rehearsal can prepare a Bride for that moment when she reaches the beginning of the aisle, only then does she fully realize that her moment is upon her.  It is that moment for which we strive to create the scene of her dreams.  Altar flowers, canopies, chuppas, pew decor, aisle petals and other accesories set the scene for her and her guests.

Formal, White with black accents

Formal, White with black accents

Time to get Personal

Let Elements accessorize your Groom, Attendants and Family with designs derived from your bouquet, tables and ceremony.