GLOW by Elements

The warmth of real firelight makes everything more magical.  GLOW is a lighting project by Elements that enhances your celebration with candles, lanterns, torches, vintage bistro lighting, uplighting and rope lighting.  Our equipment and installations are professional and detail oriented.  No orange extension cables across a lawn or bargain-basement string lighting hanging above your dining table. 

For dining settings our tabletop candleholder collection is vast.  Our pillar candle stands and centerpiece quality lanterns mean your guests will bask in warm light throughout the event.

For large tents or ballrooms years of theatrical experience ensure that your scene will come to life with properly placed fixtures that don't spoil the mood.


Laura & John's Vintage Vermont Barn Wedding, votives hanging in tree branches, Killington, VT

Candles & Lanterns

Light is as old as the sun, the moon, well, even the universe.  It begins our day and enlivens the night.  The GLOW project by Elements began with an obsession with candles, and more it evolved our 'candlescapes' became a signature item, completing large tables with glowing amber light.  Then, we looked around and inevitably found that using candlelight outdoors made unexpected magic.  Especially because we don't clutter your daytime scene with lanterns and torches.  The GLOW team works at sunset, discretely installing lighting so that when your guests look around after dark, their world is GLOWing. 

Long Table Luxury

At Elements we love long tables and are so happy that they continue to grow in popularity.  They are sooooo much more intimate (when sized properly, wink, wink).  In this scene for Emily & Wes at Shelter Harbor Golf Club, the large silver hurricane is actually doing vase duty, awaiting the bouquets from the bride and bridsmaids.  The votives are 'staked' into the long arrangements, ready to GLOW during dinner. 

Lanterns & Torches

Using a larger lantern allows for a pillar candle rather than a votive candle, more light, brighter GLOW.  Elements uses different types of lanterns depending upon the application.  Shown above, in a boat shed at the Mystic Seaport are a pewter finish upright lantern.  It's fantastic by the water because it has a door that closes, making it windproof. 

No room for candles? No problem, we can place them into your table flowers.

Small Table GLOW

The Longmeadow Country Club in Longmeadow, MA is one of our favorite venues.  BUT, the dining room layout make for a very close setting.  For Kari, who had as many guests as the club could accomodate, we placed the candles into her 1920's, Coco Chanel themed centerpieces.  This made a tight table setting more comfortable, without sacrificing the elegant light.


Romantic Vignettes

When the site or venue is conducive to doing so, ELEMENTS uses different types of live or LED flame to provide memory making vignettes. Here a mature Viburnum tree provided ample opportunity to hand glass votive holders for this captivating photo.