Our Story

Who knew?  Who could have guessed that a Degree in Labor Relations, 10 years of experience in Human Resources and 15 years as a IT Network and InfoSec Engineer could lead to being a designer?  Dovetailing across many of those years are nearly a decade of part-time technical theatre experience ranging from stagehand to lighting and sound engineering and even wardrobe work.  Carla Steele, Elements' Master Designer, brings a raft of knowledge and abilities to the table for her clients.  No stranger to handling clients, uniquely clever with color, proportion and texture and downright fascinated with setting a scene, for her, an empty room is the blank canvas she thrives in.  How many floral designers have worked in the corporate hot seat of multi-million dollar project management?  Well she has, and it gives her an uncanny knack for managing production for events both large and small as well as MULTIPLE events in short spans of time. 

Beyond all the corporate expertise there's an "old Southern gardener" in her heart.  (See Cloris Leachman in Fried Green Tomatoes).  Nowadays, when she's not in production on the flower bench, you'll find her doing custom on-site work at private homes and businesses.  From "OH!, are those real?" artificial designs, to porches and patios filled with magazine quality planters, interior plants and trees and gardens that people cherish, the scene-building lives within her.