Textiles & Tent Drape

Courtyard Canopy Tent, Longmeadow CC

Courtyard Canopy - WEDDING READY!, Longmeadow CC

Beauty 'by the yard'

Textile designs by Elements bring your color theme out with a WOW.   Our theatrical grade, flame retardant fabrics make tent ceilings more intimate, mask flawed surfaces, close in vast spaces and provide reflective and projection-ready surfaces where no screen exists. 

Below, stretch projection fabric is cut into shapes and attached using commercial grade rigging technology.  Need to show a quick video?  No need for those clunky screens, stretch, attach and project. 

Projection Stretch Fabric, A "Black Light" Sweet 16 party

Projection Stretch Fabric, Connecticut College


Transforming a space with fabric creates a dream-like setting, brings out color and jolts the imagination.  Let Elements bring a little 'theatre' to your next event.